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Founded in 1987 with its head office in Shenzhen, China, the Company mainly focuses on the market in China. As at 31 December 2010, the Company had 73 branches, 749 sub-branches (including outlets), 2 exclusive branch-level operation centers (a credit card center and a small enterprise credit center), 1 representative office, 1,913 self-service centers and 8,193 self-service cash machines (including 2,860 ATMs, 5,333 self-service circulation machines) and one wholly-owned subsidiary, CMB Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. in 87 cities of China; two wholly-owned subsidiaries in Hong Kong, namely, Wing Lung Bank Limited and CMB International Capital Corporation, Ltd., and a branch in Hong Kong; a branch and a representative office in New York, the United States; and a representative office in London, United Kingdom. In addition, the representative office of the Company in Taipei was officially opened on 15 March 2011. The efficiently operated outlets of the Company are primarily located in China’s more economically developed regions such as Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and Bohai Rim, and some large and medium-sized cities in other regions. The Company has maintained business relationships with 1,693 overseas financial institutions in 106 countries and regions. The growth of the Company from a regional bank into a national commercial bank with significant asset scale and strength in China is primarily attributable to its own resources and efforts. The Company was listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange in April 2002 and on SEHK in September 2006.


CMB has received international recognition by various publications and institutions during 2010 such as the “Best Brand Value in China,” the “Best Commercial Bank in China,” the “Best Retail Bank in China,” the “Best Private Bank in China,” the “Best Cash Management Bank in China,” and the “Most Favored Bank by Customers.”


On October 8, 2008, China Merchants Bank became the first Chinese bank to open a Branch in the United States since the inception of the Foreign Bank Supervision Enhancement Act of 1991. The New York Branch offers a wide range of cash management, corporate banking, trade finance, project finance, trading and consulting services.


CMB New York Branch closely follows the CMB culture of catering to the changing needs of our customers by capitalizing on increasing China-US business relationships, and is positioned to serve as both a broad window and a strong platform to help Chinese businesses succeed in the US as well as to help US businesses succeed in China.


· No.1 out of the 50 largest banks in the world in terms of market value 2010”- Financial Times of the U.K.

· “Best Private Bank in China 2010” – Euromoney

· “Best Brand in China 2010” – Forbes and Interbrand