• U.S. Dollar Clearing

U.S. Dollar Clearing

China Merchants Bank, New York Branch is a member of both CHIPS and Fedwire in the U.S. dollar clearing market. U.S. dollar clearing is one of the branch’s core product offerings of its international banking business. We have a flexible fee structure and customized fee schedules designed to meet your needs and demands. We are committed to investing in innovative technology that allows us to provide services that meet your business needs. We welcome the opportunity to work closely with you for many years to come.

U.S. dollar clearing services

Customer remittance
Bank to Bank funds transfer
U.S. dollar treasury transaction payments
Payments under L/C & Collection
Loan Payments
International financial institution and/or inter-governmental
Funds transfer
Post transaction inquiry

Clearing Products

Automatic Intermediary Selection

Our payment systems can automatically select a beneficiary bank’s intermediary bank according to the beneficiary bank’s CHIPS Universal ID (UID) or S.W.I.F.T. Bank Identifier Code (BIC), and effect your payment without any manual intervention.

Pick and Pay

You no longer need to worry about when you have difficulty locating an intermediary bank for your customer electronic funds transfer, we will pick and pay for you!

Global Pay

You need only send us a single S.W.I.F.T. MT103 message, and we will effect the payment by either CHIPS, Fedwire or book transfer containing all your original payment instructions.

Trade Pay Deduct

You may request to pass on service charges to the beneficiary for Letters of Credit (L/C) &/or Collection payments via a deduction made from the payment proceeds. These fees can be systematically deducted based on specific references or code words.

Incoming Fee Deduct

Service charges for deposits to your account in favor of a corporate or individual customer can be passed on to beneficiary via a deduction being made from the proceeds.

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