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About New York Branch

Advantages of the Branch

Advantages of the New York Branch:

  1. Professional, efficient and experienced business team

  2. Financial center New York location with geographical advantages, enabling to grasp market fluctuations and provide immediate response

  3. Long-term and cooperative relationship with domestic institutions

  4. Meet the needs of Chinese enterprises’ demand of “Going Global”

  5. Leverage a large number of domestic and overseas long-term strategic partners

Since its establishment, China Merchants Bank New York Branch has cooperated with domestic branches of China Merchants Bank to provide integrated and professional cross-border financial services for Chinese and American customers.

  1. Domestic and Overseas Markets

    The New York Branch is the bridge connecting the domestic and overseas markets.

    The New York Branch cooperates closely with domestic branches to serve customers.

  2. Multi-Currencies

    The New York Branch provides domestic and foreign customers with RMB, USD and other currencies’ deposits and loan services, as well as collection, payment and settlement services for over 100 currencies throughout the world.

  3. Investment and Commercial Banking

    Prestigious M&A advisory business capability and syndication capability.

    Based on the business of a traditional commercial bank, the Branch promotes investment banking business, and makes full use of complementary resources and synergies effect.