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Real Estate Finance

Product Introduction

China Merchants Bank New York Branch can provide financing for various real estate development, construction and acquisition projects, or provide refinancing for office buildings, apartment buildings, hotels, shopping malls and factories with stable cash flow.

Product Features

  1. 1、Rooted in the New York area (including New York, New Jersey and Connecticut), also having interests in Washington D.C. and Boston areas.

  2. 2、Covering various types of property.

  3. 3、Mainly focused on real estate development loans and commercial real estate loans.

Target Customers and Conditions

  1. 1、Suitable for experienced real estate development companies and investment companies in China and the United states.

  2. 2、The loan ratio of development loans (i.e. loan-to-cost ratio) cannot exceed 65%, and the term of the loans cannot exceed three years.

  3. 3、The loan ratio of operating property mortgage loans (or loan-to-value ratio) cannot exceed 60%, the term of the loans cannot exceed five to ten years, and the rent revenues must be managed by a third party as a repayment guarantee.

  4. 4、Other requirements by China Merchants Bank New York Branch.