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Syndicated Loans

Syndicated Loans

Product Introduction

Syndication loans are a type of loan business or credit business that two or more banks form a banking group under the leadership of one or several banks, and jointly provide loans or credit lines to borrower through the same agent bank under the same loan terms, according to the same loan agreement, according to their respective proportion.

Product Features

Features of Syndicated Loans

  1. 1、Multiple lenders sign a loan agreement with the same borrower.

  2. 2、For a joint loan, each bank signs a loan agreement with the borrower separately.

Independence of Lender

The participating banks of the banking group undertake the obligations of granting loans according to the proportion they undertake, and undertake the risk of the loan independently.

Proportional Sharing

The participating banks undertake the obligations of granting loans according to the proportion they undertake, and share the borrowers’ repayments according to their proportion of participation.

Trust and Agency

After signing syndicated loan documents, the banking group’s day-to-day operations are undertaken by the agent bank.

Complex Structure

The process of syndicated loan is complex, and the signing documents need more specialized knowledge and rich experience.

Product Advantages

  1. 1、It satisfies enterprises' large-amount and long-term fund demands.

  2. 2、It saves the trouble of repeatedly negotiating with different banks, shortens financing time, forms a market-driven loan interest rate, and reduces interest rate burden.

  3. 3、Loans in various forms.

Target Customers

CMB Head Office’s strategic customers that have cross-border operations or international business development needs, large business groups, high-quality mid-sized group customers. The members of cross-border groups use the loan for a specified purpose, have a bona fide business background, and the use of loan should be related to the overall operation of the group.