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Remittance Services

Product Introduction

Remittance services refers to a settlement method by which China Merchants Bank New York Branch remits a certain amount of money to the designated payee in accordance with the instructions of the remitter.

Product Category

  1. Transfer between New York Branch accounts

    Domestic and overseas telegraphic transfer

    Cross-currency remittance

    ACH (USD)

Product Features

  1. Worldwide Network

    As a member bank of SWIFT, CHIPS and Fedwire, China Merchants Bank New York Branch can help you remit money to thousands of financial institutions in the United States and worldwide. We will automatically select an intermediary bank for the receiving bank according to the receiving bank’s UID code or SWIFT code, and complete the remittance services through an optimal remittance path.

  2. Reasonable Cost

    China Merchants Bank New York Branch has a flexible cost structure that can meet your business needs. As for international remittance, we can lock in and charge transfer fees in advance, and ensure that the payee receives the principal of remittance in full. If customers require that the payee pays for the remittance charges of domestic and foreign banks, we can also deduct the remittance charges from the principal of remittance.

    Diversified Currencies

    China Merchants Bank New York Branch provides remittance services in a variety of currencies, including USD, RMB, HKD, EUR, GBP, SGD, JPY, CAD, AUD, CHF, etc.

    Safe and Convenient

    China Merchants Bank New York Branch adopts advanced information technology and remittance systems to ensure safe, convenient and fast remittance services.

Remittance Instruction


FEDWIRE ABA: 026014559